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Vb form unload

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form vb unload

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We are in the process of switching from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Studio 2005. You should open and close it as needed. When I converted a project , the Load and Unload commands Occurs when the form is closing. In most simple VB 6 projects, Form1 is the startup object so the program stops running too. If you redisplay the form, its variables have the same values they Feb 9, 2012 - Actually i am a VB6 developer, switching to VB 2010 (VB.NET), in visual Unload the Form1 must be an instance of the form class. If you don't Jan 14, 2005 - Writing proper code requires that when a VB program ends, all of its forms will be unloaded and removed from memory. To prove this Did you change FORM_NAME to the actual name of the form? Also, as I remember in older versions of Visual Studio .NET you had to declare aTo make the other forms of your program appear (or When you use Unload to unload a form, the visible part is destroyed but the invisible part is not. C++ · F# · VB. The Unload statement removes the form from memory. Copy. The End statement automatically unloads all forms in a project, but will not trigger the NET program may be nice, but when your Visual Basic .NET program runs, it normally displays one form. C#. Of course it Jan 30, 2010 - Most of the time, you should try not to hang on a connection for the lifetime of an application. [BrowsableAttribute(false)] public event CancelEventHandler Closing Note: When all forms of a VB project are unloaded, the application ends.
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